A parasite is an organism that lives on or inside a host and receives food from or at the expense of the host, being inspired by this apparently biological fact, I started to think how to translate this to graphic design. Every day I was passing through the next to my house street(simply,  grocery shop was there), I started to notice how this street is covered with textures, located on absolutely different in style buildings - that was the moment I realized that the cladding of the buildings is the very parasites that I am looking for! Plenty of signs on this street led to the idea of creating a type out of them.

I have created two fonts located here, but my aim was not only to make the font - also, bring it back to its habitat. After research, I realized that distributional portals of my font can be post mailboxes, being implemented practically in every door, and also the walls these textures were extracted from. For communication through the mailbox, I made an abstract speculative newspaper that combines two fonta and research material, creating abstract compositions reminiscent of the planning (”layout”) of the street. Besides, for the wall communication, two posters were created. The first one exposing idea that "everything is intertwined", and the second plays up the same with the abstract phrase "inter wind" - the wind seems to have ripped all the parasites from the host's body, intertwining them into letters.

Research scheme: