- 27-year-old designer, originally from Minsk, Belarus, based in Arnhem, Netherlands. 

I am a graphic designer with a keen interest in working across various fields and transferring concepts from one medium to another. I position myself as a cross-media graphic designer, and as an example, I'm particularly interested in incorporating visual analog elements into the digital environment to create a tangible visual language that is visible even on screens. Additionally, I strive to create a holistic atmosphere around my work and often supplement the presentation of my designs with sound. I enjoy working with various tools such as printed materials, code, and video.

Furthermore, I am increasingly interested in creating tools from my designs. Sociology is often the field from which I build my narratives as it allows me to combine individual stories into collective ones that subsequently help make my designs more inclusive. I believe my designs cannot exist without a viewer, and the primary goal of the complex visual systems I create is to first capture the viewer's attention by encouraging them to take a closer look. In the process, I aim to captivate the viewer and encourage them to think and reflect.

I envision designing structures that encourage non-hierarchical and non-authoritarian participation. Therefore, I'm always open to the viewer's interpretation of my work, as long as it invites them to reflect.


- 2023 - 4bid Gallery, “B.base: a body based space” Amsterdam, Netherlands;

- 2022 - Rozet, “Kunst is het antwoord”, Arnhem, Netherlands;

- 2022 - Badhuis Oedipus, “BYOB”, Amsterdam, Netherlands;

- 2022 - «NewOne» Award Finalist: Data Visualisation, international young Visual Designers Award;

- 2018-22 - BA of Arts at ArtEZ Arnhem, Netherlands; 

- 2021-22 - intern at Slavs and Tatars, Berlin, Germany;

- 2021 - exhibition “Yet to be Named” at 0K26, Arnhem, Netherldans;

- 2021 - online book exhibition “Already Booked” at Walter Books, Arnhem, Netherlands;

- 2020 - Moscow Global Biennale of Graphic Design Golden Bee (participation in nominations: “Poster Unlimited” and “Design-Selfie”);

- 2018-present - started BA Graphic Design at ArtEZ Arnhem, Netherlands;

- 2017 - intern at the museum "Zair Azgur Memorial Studio", Minsk, Belarus;

- 2015 - exhibition “In Design We Trust” at Atomic Garden, Vilnius, Lithuania;

- 2013-17 - BA Media and Visual Design at European Humanities University, Vilnius, Lithuania.


Open for any sort of collaboration!

Instagram: @reactivecracker

Email: ekaterina.kon02@gmail.com