- 27-year-old designer, originally from Minsk, Belarus, based in Arnhem, Netherlands. 

I am a graphic designer who is interested in working in different fields, transferring the concept from one medium to another. I position myself as a cross media graphic designer and as an example, my particular interest is in incorporating visual analog elements into the digital environment to create a visual language that is tangible even on screen. In any work, I am keen to create a whole atmosphere around, so I often supplement the presentation of my work with sound. My favorite tools to work with are printed matters, code and video.
In addition, I'm getting to be more and more interested in making a tool out of my design itself.

I often use sociology as the field in which I build my narratives from - it allows me to combine the stories of individuals into collective ones, which subsequently helps my design to be inclusive. My design cannot exist without a viewer. The task of the complex visual systems I create is to first grab the viewer's attention by inviting him to “take a closer look”, in this process to captivate him, encouraging him to think and reflect.

I see myself designing structures that will encourage non-hierarchical and non-authoritarian participation, in this way I'm always opened to the viewer’s interpretation of my work, as long as it invites the viewer to reflect.

- 2018-22 - BA of Arts at ArtEZ Arnhem, Netherlands; 

- 2021-22 - intern at Slavs and Tatars, Berlin, Germany;

- 2021 - exhibition “Yet to be Named” at 0K26, Arnhem, Netherldans;

- 2021 - online book exhibition “Already Booked” at Walter Books, Arnhem, Netherlands;

- 2020 - Moscow Global Biennale of Graphic Design Golden Bee (participation in nominations: “Poster Unlimited” and “Design-Selfie”);

- 2018-present - started BA Graphic Design at ArtEZ Arnhem, Netherlands;

- 2017 - intern at the museum "Zair Azgur Memorial Studio", Minsk, Belarus;

- 2015 - exhibition “In Design We Trust” at Atomic Garden, Vilnius, Lithuania;

- 2013-17 - BA Media and Visual Design at European Humanities University, Vilnius, Lithuania.


Open for any sort of collaboration!

Instagram: @reactivecracker

Email: ekaterina.kon02@gmail.com