This is an abstract story-reflection based on the question “journey to relieve your past? Or a journey to recover your future?» from the book by Italo Calvino "Invisible Cities".

The story starts raising this question and you will never see the main character, he presents through the words that guide the storyline, fulfilling the footage with impressions and feelings from the book. 
The plot of the story is based on the chapter «City and Signs» and represents five cities: Tamara, Zirma, Zoe, Hypatia and Olivia. The representation of the city is based on the memories of the main character, so it is more about extracting the main book-based features of them and showing through visually abstract footage. There is no exact answer to the question. Just signs to involve the audience to reflect on their own. The main character will just conclude the story with the quotation from the book:
« elsewhere is a negative mirror. The traveler recognises the little that is his. Discovering the much he has not had and will never have».

It's an experimental video, where I was exploring "moving image" format, through combining different footage, investigating different animation, filming and cutting techniques.

Stills from the film: