Based on the idea of the wind rose, I created a font that can be also used as a visualization tool: on the web page it is represented by the word "wind". By entering the name of any place on the planet in real time, the font will display the direction of the wind in this location. Usage of the global weather data API allows the user to enter the name of a place in any language. When you press the Enter key, a frame with a word is automatically saved in the downloads, which allows you to subsequently create data charts. Check it here. 

Data charts opportunity is reflected in 3 posters illustrating the wind direction in 3 cities over the 17 days in June - Vilnius, Minsk and Arnhem - the three cities I used to live/ live now, and summarized in the main poster on the left, representing all the collected information.

“Way the wind blows” process posters: