MORE ________, LESS ______.

At a time when everyone around are “successful coaches for success” and talk about the need to be adaptable, multifunctional, beautiful and conscious from all sides, we constantly feel the tension between who were are, who do we want to be and what we don’t accept in ourselves, creating conditions of constant doubt, inner dissatisfaction and the feeling that you are not enough. Video performance «more_____, less_____,» is showing the disbalance inside filled with numerous «I want to be more…» and «I don’t accept that I’m less...», criticising modern «ideal people» tendencies, welcoming to think how it’s important to accept your inner shadow.

This performance is a collaboration between me and Daria Titova - dancer and choreographer. The narrative is built on the basis of interviews with people, aimed to explore personal identity aspects based on the Jung's theory of inner shadow. After analyzing respondents answers, a pattern was found- repetitive word combinations people use to describe themselves, their ideas about them and their perception of themselves, for example, "I want to be more______" and "I don't accept that ______", through this speech constructions you put pressure on yourself. Everyone can add on their own what concerns them. For the text animation, I used code and after effect.

Recommendations for watching setup:  
use headphones, make it fullscreen and check in Vimeo setting maximum quality is on.

First screening: 
during the “Yet to be Named” exhibition on the 5th of June in OK26, Arnhem.