What if I tell you sheet of paper is a moon? A face? A spoon?
A vase? What if I tell you sheet of paper is happy? Scared? Sad? Or even Dead?

"Paper book" is a photography book, where I make visual research about connotations and contextualization of such a widely everyday used object as a sheet of paper.

The book is divided into three sections: dennotation, connotation, and contextualization. Dennotation is presented
by the object itself. Connotations and contextualizations are represented by a large number of photographic examples.

Moreover, binding with book screws is made on purpose: the book can be easily disassembled by the viewer into separate cards. This not only creates new level of connotations, but also allows the viewers to work and practice with those pages themselves, creating endless chains of possible connotations and contextualisations.